Podcast on science, nature, climate change and history. From the Big Bang to today, a 360 degree look at life, the universe and the history of everything – covering everything from the moon landings & exploration of planets such as Jupiter and Mars, to the history of the Indus Valley Civilization, the Mayans and Africa.

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David Scott salutes the American flag during the Apollo 15 mission. The arms of the crosshair are washed-out on the white stripes of the flag (Photo ID: AS15-88-11863)

Anniversay Podcast Episode 59 l Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory – Did it really happen?

Podcast Episode Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory – Did it really happen? We talk about some of the favourite theories and try to debunk them.

moon landing

Anniversary Podcast l Podcast Episode 1 | Moon landing, Conspiracy theories and the Dark side

July 20, 2019 marks 50 years since the first time humanity stepped foot on the moon and on our first podcast we talk about the moon itself, what led to the moon landing.

These are the mysterious growing stones found in Romania, known as Trovants.

Podcast Episode 98 l Romania’s Growing, Moving & Reproducing Stones

Podcast Episode 98 is on Romania's Growing, Moving & Reproducing Stones that are only found in one small town.

Timber enclosure with central inverted oak stump known as Sea henge, found in Norfolk.

Podcast Episode 97 l Seahenge

Discovered in 1998, Seahenge is a 4000 year old structure, estimated to have been built around 2049 BC.

Derawar Fort is the best surviving example of the forts which used to guard desert caravan routes.

Podcast Episode 96 l Cholistan Desert its forts

Podcast Episode 96 is Cholistan Desert its forts, ancient civilisations and its people. Derawar fort in particular is very beautiful.

Lunar Phase Feb 17, 2022 Southern Hemisphere and Northern Hemisphere. Image: NASA

Podcast Episode 95 l How many moons does the Earth have?

Technically, Earth has only one Moon. But here is the interesting thing. Over millions of years, the number of moons has varied. We talk about their story in this episode. 

Blue Plaque, August 2020 Saying Noor Inayat Khan 1914 to 1944 SOE Agent codename Madeleine stayed here

Podcast Episode 94 l Noor Inayat Khan

This episode is on Noor Inayat Khan, an SOE agent with codename Madeleine sent to France in 1943 as a wireless operator to help the French resistance during World War II. Her job was to support the Fr...

An image from the reconstruction showing excitatory, or pyramidal, neurons, colored according to size. (Google Research & Lichtman Lab/Harvard University. Renderings by D. Berger/Harvard University)

Podcast Episode 93 l A 3D Map of the Human Brain

A 3D Map of the Human Brain has been created by a collaboration between Harvard researchers and Google Research analysing 1,400 terabytes of data.

Thin line from each giraffe mouth - Bradshaw Foundation

Podcast Episode 92 l The Story of the Dabbous Giraffes

Deep in the heart of the Sahara Desert, amidst the scorching sands and towering dunes, lies a remarkable archaeological treasure - the Dabous Giraffes. They can be found on a sandstone outcrop in the ...