During the Darwin family's 1868 holiday in her Isle of Wight cottage, Julia Margaret Cameron took portraits showing the bushy beard Darwin grew between 1862 and 1866.

Podcast l Darwin and Evolution by Natural Selection

This is our Podcast on Darwin & Evolution by Natural Selection celebrating Darwin Day on February 12, and World Evolution Day on November 24.

The colorful Polycarpa aurata sits in a bed of white bryozoans (Triphyllozoon inornatum).

Unveiling the Power of Friction In A Marine Organism

Researchers at ISTA's Heisenberg group have shed light on a remarkable phenomenon: how sea squirt oocytes utilize internal friction to jumpstart development after fertilization, a finding published in...

A close up of a double helix strand of DNA in gold

Evolution may not be as random as we thought

Evolution may not be as random as we thought according to a new study that analysed the pangenome of a single bacterium.

Aerial image of the Pando Tree in Utah, shows with approximate boundary marked in green.

Hear the Whisper of the Ancient Pando, the World’s Largest Living Organism

oHear the sound of the ancient Pando, the world's largest living Organism as scientists record the rustling of its leaves and vibrating roots.

Jonathan the giant tortoise

Meet The Oldest Tortoise Ever

Meet The Oldest Tortoise Ever He Turns 191 Years Old in 2023 and lives on the island of St Helena. He is also the oldest tortoise ever.

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