Video podcast and vlogs covering everything from science, history and nature to climate change. From the Big Bang to today, a 360 degree look at life, the universe and the history of everything – covering everything in science from space missions, astrophysics and quantum mechanics, discoveries in history, archaeology and paleontology, to nature, environmental conservation and climate change. 

Bee in yellow poppy by

Are these bees actually unscrewing a soda bottle?

  We know that bees are extremely clever. They have excellent communication skills, can do arithmatic, and some even use tools to protect their hives. To this can be added something else. A video...

Rectangular Stone Structures called Mustatils in north western Arabia. Credit: Thomas H et al Cambridge University

Saudi Arabia’s 7,000-year-old Stone Structures l Video

North-western Saudi Arabia’s 7,000-year-old Stone Structures, part of the Ancient History of the region. They were probably part of a ritual cattle cult and are older than the Egyptian Pyramids and St...

Final Image of Asteroid Bennu Captured by Spacecraft OSIRIS REx as it left on May 10, 2021

Spacecraft OSIRIS REx Leaves Asteroid Bennu with Soil Samples l Video

NASA's Spacecraft OSIRIS REx Leaves Asteroid Bennu with Soil Samples after orbiting it for two years. It collected them in October 2020 & is expected to drop them on Earth in 2023 before continuing to...

Black Hole Binary

Dance of Two Black Holes l Video

Video depicting the Dance of Two Black Holes. This visualization by NASA shows the two black holes orbiting each other and their warped accretion disks.

Uranus in X-ray (2002). Credit: NASA/CXO/University College London/W. Dunn et al. Optical by W.M. Keck Observatory (2004)

Video l Uranus – A Planet Tilted And It’s Emitting X-rays

When you look at images of planets in our solar system, they all seem to follow a certain design. The rocky ones are round with a few moons, while the gas giants and the ice giants have rings. But one...

Mount Fagradalsfjall Volcanic Eruption

Amazing Drone Footage of Mount Fagradalsfjall Volcanic Eruption l Video

Amazing Drone Footage of Mount Fagradalsfjall Volcanic Eruption captured, showing lava spewing out of the volcano

Plate tectonic evolution from 1 Billion years ago to the present.

Video l One Billion Years of Continental Drift in 40 Seconds l Shifting Tectonic Plates

Watch One Billion Years of Continental Drift in 40 Secs. The video shows Shifting Tectonic Plates as they move over the course Earth's history and how they interacted with each other.

Etruscan clothing on Dancers from the walls of the Etruscan Tomb of the Triclinium, Tarquinia, central Italy. c. 470 BCE by The Yorck Project

Video l Forget the Romans, Meet the Etruscans l History l Mediterranean

The Etruscans were the main civilisation in Italy before the Roman Empire, with their own unique culture and language. The Romans conquered them but also adopted many of their practices.

Amazon Moonflower blooming at Cambridge University Botanic Garden

Timelapse video showing beautiful Moonflower Cactus blooming

This is a Timelapse video showing the beautiful Moonflower Cactus blooming. The planet is from the Amazon rainforest and blooms once a year.

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