Planesphere Tablet from the Royal Library of Ashurbanipal, Nenveh. British Museum

Podcast Episode 91 l Did this clay tablet describe an ancient asteroid impact?

Podcast Episode 91 is on an ancient asteroid. Does a clay tablet describe an ancient asteroid impact? Two scientists certainly thought that it described an asteroid hitting earth

ClayTablet Revealing An Ancient Asteroid Impact being held in a hand showing lines and cuneiform inscription (CC BY)

Ancient Star Map Revealed Asteroid Impact

This is the story of a star map, one which depicted an ancient asteroid impacting Earth over 5,000 years ago.

Stone sphere made by the Diquís culture in the courtyard of the National Museum of Costa Rica

Podcast Episode 83 l Costa Rica’s Mysterious Stone Spheres

Costa Rica is a lush country, with amazing ecology and environment. Amongst its green landscape can be found ancient structures known as the stone spheres of Costa Rica. The 300 spheres lie on the Diq...

Costa Rican Stone Spheres by Diego Padilla Duran and Mariordo in a field. There are about 9 spheres one of them in close up while 8 can be seen further up.

The Ancient Stone Spheres Costa Rica

The Ancient Stone Spheres Costa Rica are part of the landscape of the country. Their origins are shrouded in mystery but they are considered the country's symbol.

Aerial views of the dry-stone basement of the outer rampart: A. Segment KH00911 facing south; B. Segment KH01130 facing north; C. Segments KH00904-KH00905 and KH00906 facing south; D. segment KH00922, © Khaybar LDAP, G. Charloux.

The ramparts of Khaybar: 4,000 year old wall found at site of Prophet Mohammad’s battle

A 4,000 year old Bronze Age wall has been found at Khaybar Oasis, the site of Prophet Mohammad's battle.

Outer wall of Alcazaba fortress Malaga Spain. A lot of trees and plants can be seen across.

The Alcazaba Fortress, Malaga, Spain

The Alcazaba Fortress, Malaga, Spain is an old fortress built by the Muslim rulers of Al Andalus, Spain and can be traced back to the 11th century

La Venta Monument 1, c. 1960

Podcast Episode 76 l The Olmec Heads

The Americas have been traditionally considered new territories with civilisations not as old as the rest of the world. Even so, we find fascinating signs of varying cultures in both north and south A...

A stela that challenges longstanding interpretations of how the carvings represent gender and social roles in prehistoric times. Credit: Durham University

In ancient times, women were warriors too

In ancient times, women were warriors too, our History was not always exactly what we thought and gender roles were probably different.

La Cobata head, in the main plaza of Santiago Tuxtla

The Olmec Colossal Heads of MesoAmerica

The Olmec Colossal Heads of MesoAmerica are giant sculptures of heads that were part of the Olmec culture in Mexico and were first uncovered in 1938.

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