Hello fellow nerds! Welcome to my knowledge portal providing FREE content on science, nature, history, and climate. From the Big Bang to today, I take a 360 degree look at life, the universe and the history of everything.

My name is Saima Baig and I am the owner and content creator for this website. I am a Chartered Environmentalist from the Royal Society of the Environment, UK, with 20 years of experience working in environmental management, conservation, environmental economics, sustainable development and climate change. I also have a Master of Environmental Management from Yale University, an MBA in Finance, and a Bachelor of Science in Physics and Mathematics. I am passionate about science, history, nature and climate change and have been researching and writing on these topics for many years. You can find out more about me here, including my published research on climate change and environmental conservation topics. My articles on science, history, environment and other topics are also available on Medium.

My objective is to promote science, history and environment knowledge; and I cover all the latest news and discoveries around these topics. Here you will find extensive content, such as blogs on ancient civilizations, videos on space missions and podcasts on the melting Antarctic ice. Please follow my social media accounts at the top right corner of this page. And if you have a blog on science, history or nature that you want to share, please contact me at: contact@360onhistory.com

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