Podcast Episode 81 l Crypto and Climate Change

Two cryptocurrency coins, one them with the bitcoin B on the face.
Photo by Pierre Borthiry - Peiobty on Unsplash
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Cryptocurrencies have created much discussion among investors due to their ability to diversify portfolios, drive growth and maintain value over a long time. The Bitcoin price has been on an ascending path over the past year and continues to grow. This is good news for hodlers: investors who keep their coins in the same wallets and wait for their worth to increase. However, ever since the very beginnings of the digital finance market, there has been a pressing issue that continues to affect the market: the toll the systems have on the environment.

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I am a Chartered Environmentalist from the Royal Society for the Environment, UK and co-owner of DoLocal Digital Marketing Agency Ltd, with a Master of Environmental Management from Yale University, an MBA in Finance, and a Bachelor of Science in Physics and Mathematics. I am passionate about science, history and environment and love to create content on these topics.

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