La Venta Monument 1, c. 1960

Podcast Episode 76 l The Olmec Heads

The Americas have been traditionally considered new territories with civilisations not as old as the rest of the world. Even so, we find fascinating signs of varying cultures in both north and south A...

Ruth Belville 1908

Podcast Episode 75 l The Greenwich Time Lady

In late 19th-century and early 20th-century Britain, time itself was a commodity up for sale. In a world before smartphones and atomic clocks, a remarkable woman known as Ruth Belville sold time to t...

Baumhaus an der Mauer (Treehouse on the Wall): Bethaniendamm 23, 10997 Berlin

Podcast Episode 74 l The Berlin Wall Treehouse

Osman Kalin, the man behind the Treehouse, was a Turkish worker who had come to Berlin in search of a better life. Undeterred by the restrictions and tensions of the divided city, he found solace in a...

Entrance to the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in 2020

Podcast Episode 72 l The Doomsday Vault: A global Seed Vault

Podcast on The Doomsday Vault: A global Seed Vault that is a repository for the world's food crop seeds.

Astronomical clock, Prague. Image by 360onhistory.com

Podcast Episode 71 l Astronomical Clock

The Astronomical Clock in Prague, known locally as the “Pražský orloj,” is one of the most famous and visually stunning astronomical clocks in the world. It is also the oldest functioning astronomical...

June solstice sunrise viewed from the western observing point. Photograph: Iván Ghezzi Copyright IDARQ via Portal to the Heritage of Astronomy UNESCO and World Heritage Center

Podcast Episode 66 l What are solstice and equinoxes?

From the Archives: In the Podcast Episode 66, we are talking about what are solstice and equinoxes. How do they occur and what is the science.

Final Image of Asteroid Bennu Captured by Spacecraft OSIRIS REx as it left on May 10, 2021. 360 on History

Podcast Episode 34 l Spacecraft OSIRIS REx Returns From Asteroid Bennu with Soil Samples

From the Archives: NASA's Spacecraft OSIRIS REx Leaves Asteroid Bennu with Soil Samples after orbiting it for two years. It collected them in October 2020 & is expected to drop them on Earth in 2023 b...

moon landing

Anniversary Podcast l Podcast Episode 1 | Moon landing, Conspiracy theories and the Dark side

July 20, 2019 marks 50 years since the first time humanity stepped foot on the moon and on our first podcast we talk about the moon itself, what led to the moon landing.

David Scott salutes the American flag during the Apollo 15 mission. The arms of the crosshair are washed-out on the white stripes of the flag (Photo ID: AS15-88-11863)

Anniversay Podcast Episode 59 l Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory – Did it really happen?

Podcast Episode Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory – Did it really happen? We talk about some of the favourite theories and try to debunk them.

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