Amazing Drone Footage of Mount Fagradalsfjall Volcanic Eruption l Video

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The volcano last erupted in the 12th century, making it the first eruption in Reykjanes Peninsula (17 miles southwest of the capital city Reykjavík) in 800 years. Molten rock finally spewed out of Mount Fagradalsfjall in the region of Geldingadalur on March 19, 2021, after tens of thousands of earthquakes were recorded in the area in the past three weeks. Volcanologists are studying the eruption and people have flocked to see the phenomenon after the site was opened after an inital block. Some scientists cooked sausages on the lave, while people attempted to cook eggs and bacon (the pan melted in the heat). Although 300,000 cubic metres of lava have poured out the eruption is thought to be small and controlled by experts.

This amazing footage was captured by Bjorn Steinbekk, who uses drones to capture videos around iceland. That’s not all! A webcam by RÚV is now broadcasting live from Fagradalsfjall.


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