zoonotic diseases

Detection of Ophidascaris robertsi nematode infection in a 64-year-old woman from southeastern New South Wales, Australia. A) Magnetic resonance image of patient’s brain by fluid-attenuated inversion recovery demonstrating an enhancing right frontal lobe lesion, 13 × 10 mm. B) Live third-stage larval form of Ophidascaris robertsi (80 mm long, 1 mm diameter) removed from the patient’s right frontal lobe. C) Live third-stage larval form of O. robertsi (80 mm long, 1 mm diameter) under stereomicroscope (original magnification ×10).

This woman had a worm in her brain for a year

The world’s first case of a new parasitic infection in humans has been discovered after surgeons detected a live eight-centimetre roundworm from a carpet python in the brain of a 64- year-old Australi...

Morphology of Coronavirus. Image by Center for Disease Control (CDC)

What are Zoonotic Diseases? Is Covid 19 a Zoonotic disease? FAQs

FAQ on diseases that jump from animals to humans like Covid19 and their transmission. Series will include information on the plague, Spanish flu, swine, bird flu & Covid19.

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