Dissected ant and where you can see the encapsulated parasites (white oval structures) spilling out of the hind body. Photo: Brian Lund Fredensborg CREDIT Photo: Brian Lund Fredensborg

This parasite that turns ants into zombies

This liver fluke turns ants into zombies and does so primarily during fall and they use air temperature to control the ants.

A male fly trying to mate with a female corpse held in place by a dab of Vaseline. The fungus has grown out of the rear body segment and is visible as large white patches from which spores are ejected. Credit: Filippo Castelucci University of Copenhagen

Zombie fly fungus compels male flies to copulate with corpses

A clever fungus survives by 'bewitching' male flies into mating with with female fly corpses. The longer the fly has been dead the more attractive it becomes to the males according to a new study led ...

Snail Succinea putris with broodsac flatworm inside left tentacle Wikimedia

Parasitic worm turns snail into Zombie

Nature is so weird! A parasitic worm has turned an unsuspecting snail into a zombie and will now make it do its bidding.

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