A close up of a double helix strand of DNA in gold

Evolution may not be as random as we thought

Evolution may not be as random as we thought according to a new study that analysed the pangenome of a single bacterium.

Evolutionary Tree of Life: Ernst Haeckel's "tree of life", Darwin's metaphorical description of the pattern of universal common descent made literal by his greatest popularizer in the German scientific world. This is the English version of Ernst Haeckel's tree from the The Evolution of Man (Published 1879), one of several depictions of a tree of life by Haeckel. "Man" is at the crown of the tree; for Haeckel, as for many early evolutionists, humans were considered the pinnacle of evolution.

Evolutionary tree of life: modern science is showing how we got so much wrong

In the Evolutionary tree of life science is showing how we got so much wrong. New DNA technology is shaking up the family trees of many plants and animals.

Common swift or Apus apus in flight

Swifts – Liverpool Nature Nerds

Summer is almost upon us and it time for more migratory birds to arrive in the UK from Africa. We've had a few already but I for one can't wait for the swifts, swallows and martins. Here we talk about...

House martin on the ground and flying sand martin. 360 on History

Martins – Liverpool Nature Nerds

House and sand martins visit the UK in the summer. Check out these amazing birds here.

Two adult male Bolivian river dolphins playing with a Beni anaconda in a Bolivian river.

Dolphins playing…with an anaconda in Bolivia

In nature, many animals play with each other, it is a widely common phenomenon. But sometimes it still surprises us, such as when researchers studying dolphins in a Bolivian river (in the Beni floodpl...

Coniferous mixed forest, Val Saisera, Italian Julian Alps, Italy. Image credit: Dario Di Gallo, Regional Forest Service of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy.

There are 14% More Tree Species Than We Thought

There are 14% More Tree Species Than We Thought. A new study suggests there are 9,200 tree species yet to be discovered, with South America the hotspot.

Grey Seals at Farne Island England by 360onhistory.com

Grey Seals at Farne Islands l Video

Here is a video of Grey Seals that I saw at Farne Islands, England in December 2021. 

New species from the Amazon basin Peru Aenigmanu alvareziae. Source: William Wayt Thomas et al. Aenigmanu, a new genus of Picramniaceae from Western Amazonia

This Unusual Plant from the Amazon Has Remained Unidentified since 1973

Unusual Plant from the Amazon Has Remained Unidentified since 1973 and has now been identified as a new species by the name Aenigmanu alvareziae

Common Blue Butterfly by 360 on History Podcast

VLOG Episode 11 | Butterflies!

Today, let’s enjoy those most beautiful, the most familiar of all insects: the butterflies. We can learn something about them but if nothing else, we can enjoy looking at some awesome specimens.

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