South Asia

Nal Culture Jar from Balochistan, Pakistan, c.3800-2300 BC. Source: Archaic Wonder Tumblr

Ancient Amri-Nal Culture from Pakistan

The Ancient Amri-Nal Culture from Pakistan is older than the Indus Valley culture & part of History of South Asia. Sites are found in Sindh & Balochistan with pottery and human remains.

Stone tools at Singi Talav site in Thar Desert Rajasthan, India. Acheulian stone tool culture.

Pre Homo sapien stone tools in India

Pre Homo sapien stone tools found in India, South Asia indicate the presence of Acheulian stone tool culture in the region. They were found in Thar desert.

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VLOG Episode 3 | Kot Diji- A Walk on an old Fort in Pakistan

A short video graphic on Kot Diji Fort, an 18th century fort in Sindh province, Pakistan. It is built upon an ancient Harappan site.

Who are the South Asians?

New research throws light on the genetic ancestry of South Asians. They are a mixture of Iranian and South Asian hunter gatherers and steppe pastoralists.