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This three-dimensional model highlights footprints across one of the excavated surfaces. The height of the area corresponds to the color, changing from cool greens to warm yellow colors with increasing elevation. PHOTOGRAPH BY DAVID BUSTOS

Confirmed – Humans reached the Americas much earlier than thought

New research has now confirmed that humans reached the Americas at least 7,000 years earlier than thought - between 21,000 to 23,000 years ago. 

Computer Designed Organisms

Scientists created robots using living cells…then they started reproducing

Meet the Xenobots: entirely new lifeforms that were created in the lab in 2020. Using stem-cells from frogs, scientists created the world’s first living, self-healing robots. They are less than a mill...

Full Sun observation taken on October 12, 2022 by EUI’s Full Sun Imager (FSI) and a zoom on the center of the Sun taken by its High-Resolution Imager (HRI). The white arrow corresponds to a distance of about 10 000 km. Three smaller structures highlighted with red, blue, and green boxes, show magnetic waves that appear as a transverse motion.

What makes the Sun’s atmosphere hotter than its surface?

A joint team of scientists from the Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB) and KU Leuven have found that high-frequency magnetic waves may play a key role in heating the sun's atmosphere to millions of de...

Covid Vaccine bottle with a syringe inserted into it being held by a hand in surgical glove by Hakan Nural Unsplash -

Podcast Episode 58 l Conspiracy Theories Series: Are Anti-vaxxers right?

We are talking about vaccinations and the Anti-vaxxer movement. Are they right? This is our new conspiracy theory series. 

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