Saudi Arabia

Aerial views of the dry-stone basement of the outer rampart: A. Segment KH00911 facing south; B. Segment KH01130 facing north; C. Segments KH00904-KH00905 and KH00906 facing south; D. segment KH00922, © Khaybar LDAP, G. Charloux.

The ramparts of Khaybar: 4,000 year old wall found at site of Prophet Mohammad’s battle

A 4,000 year old Bronze Age wall has been found at Khaybar Oasis, the site of Prophet Mohammad's battle.

Rectangular Stone Structures called Mustatils in north western Arabia. Credit: Thomas H et al Cambridge University. 360 on History

Saudi Arabia’s 7,000-year-old Stone Structures l Video

North-western Saudi Arabia’s 7,000-year-old Stone Structures, part of the Ancient History of the region. They were probably part of a ritual cattle cult and are older than the Egyptian Pyramids and St...

Jebel Dhaya mustatil (rectangular structures) near Jubbah, Saudi Arabia

Podcast Episode 35 l Saudi Arabia’s 7,000-year-old Stone Structures

The Arabian desert has been known as just that – a desert – including in archaeology. It was thought that there had been no iron-age activity in the area, which was around 1200 to 500 BCE. Howev...

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