Sars Cov 2

Professor Sarah Gilbert and Dr Catherine Green The women behind the Oxford Covid19 vaccine. 360 on History

Profile – The Women Behind the Vaccine l Video

Professor Sarah Gilbert and Dr Catherine Green co-created the Oxford Covid19 vaccine in record time. Here is a profile of the two women.

Covid Vaccine bottle with a syringe inserted into it being held by a hand in surgical glove by Hakan Nural Unsplash -

RNA Vaccines – What are they? FAQs

What are RNA Vaccines? Here are some FAQs on mRNA vaccines by 360 on History. These are the vaccines produced to create immunity for Covid19

Scanning electron micrograph depicting Yersinia pestis bacteria (the cause of bubonic plague). Public Domain

A Brief History of Pandemics

Here is A Brief History of Pandemics. What are pandemics? How do they spread? Some well-known ones in history like the plague, swine flu and Spanish flu.

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