Sunlike star with Exoplanet by ESO telescope
Red dual opposing jets coming from young stars fill the darker top half of the image. At bottom center is a glowing pale yellow, cave-like structure, its top tilted toward two o’clock, with a bright star at its center. The dust of the cave structure becomes wispy toward eight o’clock. Above the arched top of the dust cave, 3 groupings of stars with diffraction spikes are arranged. A dark cloud sits at the top of the arch of the glowing dust cave, with one streamer curling down the right-hand side. The dark shadow of the cloud appears pinched in the center, with light emerging in a triangle shape above and below the pinch, revealing the presence of a star inside the cloud. The largest jets of red material emanate from within this dark cloud, thick and displaying structure like the rough face of a cliff, glowing brighter at the edges. At top center, a star displays another, larger pinched dark shadow, this time vertically. To the left of this star is a more wispy, indistinct region.

James Webb Telescope and the images it has taken l Video

Here is the James Webb Telescope orbiting the Sun about 1 million miles from Earth and some of the iconic images it has taken in this Video.

Brown Dwarfs. Artists concept of T type Brown Dwarf. Source: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Brown Dwarfs – Planets, stars, or something entirely different?

What are Brown Dwarfs? Are they Planets, stars, or something entirely different? According to scientists, they lie between planets and stars and can't fuse hydrogen in their cores.

Brown Dwarfs. Artist's vision of a T dwarf. Credit: R. Hurt and NASA

Podcast Episode 42 l Brown Dwarfs – Planets, stars, or something entirely different?

Brown Dwarfs – Planets, stars, or something entirely different? Scientists think they lie between the two and can't fuse hydrogen.

Hubbles New Potrait of Jupiter November 2019 NASA ESA A Simon from Goddard Space Flight Center and MH Wong from University of California, Berkeley

Video | Jupiter: Solar System’s Giant

Astronomy and solar system video graphic on Jupiter. We explore its history, composition and impact on the early and current history of the solar system.

BepiColombo takes image of Earth as it flies by April 10, 2020

Visiting Mercury – BepiColombo flies by Earth

Visiting Mercury - BepiColombo flies by Earth on its way to Mercury, executing the first of its many planetary flybys. It will reach in 2025.

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