The tomb complex of Queen Meret-Neith in Abydos during excavation. The Queen's burial chamber lies in the centre of the complex and is surrounded by the secondary tombs of the courtiers and servants. (Image credit: E.C. Kӧhler)

The Tomb of A Powerful Egyptian Queen from 3000 BC

The Tomb of A Powerful Queen from 3000 BC shows that the ancient Egyptian queen Meret-Neith was an influential figure with high levels of authority.

Tomb of Egyptian Pharaoh Tutenkhamen Found and Opened

On November 4, 1922, one of the most famous archaeological discoveries is made, when the tomb of young Egyptian Pharaoh Tutenkhamen (King Tut) was found by Howard Carter in the Valley of the Kings.

Digitally scanned skull of Egyptian Pharaoh Amenhotep 1.

Meet Amenhotep 1 – Egyptian Pharaoh

Meet Amenhotep 1 - Egyptian Pharaoh whose mummy was digitally scanned to reveal his skull and some very good teeth.