Dissected ant and where you can see the encapsulated parasites (white oval structures) spilling out of the hind body. Photo: Brian Lund Fredensborg CREDIT Photo: Brian Lund Fredensborg

This parasite that turns ants into zombies

This liver fluke turns ants into zombies and does so primarily during fall and they use air temperature to control the ants.

Detection of Ophidascaris robertsi nematode infection in a 64-year-old woman from southeastern New South Wales, Australia. A) Magnetic resonance image of patient’s brain by fluid-attenuated inversion recovery demonstrating an enhancing right frontal lobe lesion, 13 × 10 mm. B) Live third-stage larval form of Ophidascaris robertsi (80 mm long, 1 mm diameter) removed from the patient’s right frontal lobe. C) Live third-stage larval form of O. robertsi (80 mm long, 1 mm diameter) under stereomicroscope (original magnification ×10).

This woman had a worm in her brain for a year

The world’s first case of a new parasitic infection in humans has been discovered after surgeons detected a live eight-centimetre roundworm from a carpet python in the brain of a 64- year-old Australi...

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