a, Trilobite of the genus Ampyx (UCBL-FSL713598). b, Gastropods associated with a tube-like structure, probably the conulariid Sphenothallus (UCBL-FSL713599). c, Biomineralized conulariid cnidarian (UCBL-FSL713600). d, Articulated brachiopods attached to a possible leptomitid sponge (UCBL-FSL713601). e, Assemblage formed of articulated brachiopods (centre), flattened carapaces probably of bivalved arthropods (centre left and right) and a calymenine trilobite cranidium (left; UCBL-FSL713602). f, A hyolith with possible internal organs (UCBL-FSL713603). Scale bars represent 4 mm in a and e, 1 cm in b and d, 5 mm in c, and 2 mm in f.

A 470 Million Year Old Ordovician Site Found in France

A 470 Million Year Old Ordovician Site has been found in France by amateur paleontologists containing extremely well preserved fauna.

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