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Image of Dian Fossey with a mountain gorilla behind her, touching her her with his hands. Text below says "Dian Fossey, born on January 16, 1932, became the world's leading expert on mountain gorillas. She ventured into the remote Virunga Mountains of Rwanda in 1967 and established the Karisoke Research Centre, a haven for studying and protecting the endangered gorillas. Fossey's groundbreaking research revolutionized our understanding of gorilla behavior and social structures. She spent years observing them in their natural habitat, earning their trust and documenting their complex lives. She started an international campaign against poaching, especially after the tragic death of her beloved gorilla, Digit. Her murdered body was found on December 26, 1985 in Rwanda. She was probably killed by poachers.
Picture on the left showing Closeup of the Korean Demilitarized Zone that surrounds the Military Demarcation Line. Text on the right saying: On September 8, 1945 Korea was partitioned into north and south by the US and the USSR (now Russia). On September 8, 1945 Korea was partitioned into north and south by the US and the USSR (now Russia). After Japan was defeated in WWII, allied leaders agreed that Korea would be liberated from Japan but would be placed under an international trusteeship until the Koreans would be deemed ready for self-rule. The country was partitioned with the north occupied by USSR and south occupied by USA until the trusteeship could be implemented. However, negotiations between USA and USSR regarding the trusteeship failed. UN-backed elections were held In the US-occupied southern half in 1948 and Syngman Rhee won the election, while Kim Il Sung consolidated his position as the leader of Soviet-occupied northern Korea. This led to the establishment of the Republic of Korea in southern Korea on 15 August 1948, followed by the establishment of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in northern Korea on 9 September 1948. On 25 June 1950, North Korea invaded South Korea in an attempt to re-unify the peninsula under its communist rule. The subsequent Korean War, which lasted from 1950 to 1953, ended with a stalemate and has left Korea divided by the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) up to the present day.

Korea is partitioned by the Soviet Union and the United States on September 8, 1945

Division of Korea 1945 by 360 on History  

First ever camera phone photo of baby Sophie in the maternity ward, captured by her father Philippe Kahn. The grainy photo shows the baby asleep swaddled in blankets.

How the first photo was captured and sent by phone

How the first photo was captured and sent by phone by entrepreneur Philippe Kahn, who took a photo of his newborn daughter & sent it by his flip phone.

Hindenburg Disaster

Hindenburg Disaster May 6, 1937

On May 6, 1937, while landing at Lakehurst, New Jersey, on its first transatlantic crossing of the year, the German dirigible Hindenburg burst into flames and was destroyed, killing 36 of the 97 perso...

Valentina Tereshkova, First Woman in Space in her uniform 1969

Valentina Tereshkova – First Woman in Space

On June 16, 1963, Soviet cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova became the first woman to have flown in space on a solo mission on the Vostok 6. She orbited the Earth 48 times spent almost 3 days in space &am...

Sir Nicholas Winton Who helped save 669 children from Nazi Germany

Happy Birthday Sir Nicholas Winton! He helped children escape Nazi Germany

Sir Nicholas George Winton, MBE (born Wertheim; 19 May 1909 – 1 July 2015) was a British humanitarian who established an organization to rescue children at risk from Nazi Germany. His German-Jewish ha...

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