Stone tools at Singi Talav site in Thar Desert Rajasthan, India. Acheulian stone tool culture.

Pre Homo sapien stone tools in India

Pre Homo sapien stone tools found in India, South Asia indicate the presence of Acheulian stone tool culture in the region. They were found in Thar desert.

Map of Pakistan in Asia

On This Day: Pakistan becomes an independent country – August 14, 1947

August 14, 1947 Pakistan becomes an independent county, separates from India, British rulers leave the sub-continent after almost 200 years.

history mohenjodaro

Mohen Jo Daro — Story of a city and history of a civilization

Mohen Jo Daro is an ancient city of the Indus Valley Civilization. Here we talk about its history latest research on the populations that lived there.

Highest air pollution in Bangladesh, China, India, and Pakistan in 2018

AirVisual and Greenpeace have jointly published the World Air Quality Report for 2018, ranking over 3000 cities based on their pollution levels.

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