hunter gatherers

Reconstruction of a hunter-gatherer associated with the Gravettian culture. A male human wearing fur clothes and shell necklace as well as a shell skull covering By Tom Bjoerklund

Ancient Hunter Gatherers in Europe did not die out during the last ice-age

We thought the first hunter-gatherers in Europe went missing during the last ice age. Now, ancient DNA analysis says otherwise

a, TB1 left and right legs with pelvic girdle, demonstrating the complete absence of the distal third of the left lower leg. b, Left tibia and fibula showing the amputation surface, atrophy and necrosis. The bone surface is more porous because lysis occurred to remove the dead bone (necrosis). c, Radiograph of the left tibia and fibula. (Maloney et al, 2022)

Podcast Episode 52 l A 31,000 Year Old Surgical Amputation

New Podcast episode about A 31,000 Year Old Surgical Amputation discovered on human skeletal remains in Indonesia. Its lower left leg seems to be amputated.

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