Pacific Lampray showing the part of its body that sucks blood from marine mammals

Pacific Lamprey: The Ancient Bloodsucker

Pacific Lamprey is a bloodsucking creature that has been around since before the dinosaurs. It is an eel-like marine creature that feeds by sucking blood.

This image was taken by NASA's Solar Dynamic Observatory in October 2014. The image blends two sets of extreme ultraviolet wavelengths. The active regions of the Sun appear brighter. Credit: NASA/SDO.

Why do we celebrate Halloween?

Halloween! Why is it celebrated? It used to be the Celtic end of harvest festival of Samhain, which later became All Hallows Eve.

Dissected ant and where you can see the encapsulated parasites (white oval structures) spilling out of the hind body. Photo: Brian Lund Fredensborg CREDIT Photo: Brian Lund Fredensborg

This parasite that turns ants into zombies

This liver fluke turns ants into zombies and does so primarily during fall and they use air temperature to control the ants.

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