Earth's gravity as seen by ESA's GOCE mission. The blue shades represent low values and the reds/yellows represent high values.

There is a “Gravity Hole” in the Indian Ocean

Somewhere in the Indian Ocean, between south of Sri Lanka and the Maldives, can be found a region with the lowest gravity on Earth. Now researchers think they may have found the reason why this region...

Image of a black hole at the centre of galaxy M87 and its event horizon, taken by the Event Horizon telescope in 2019. Photograph: Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration/EPA

Do black holes have hair?

Scientists ask the question do black holes have hair? And according to a new study with new mathematics the answer is yes, they have quantum hair.

Born December 25,1642 (Julian Calender) ISAAC NEWTON

According to the Julian calender (which was in use at the time) it is Isaac Newton’s birthday today. Now that’s a guy who actually changed the world.   Portrait of Newton by Godfrey K...

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