Silhouette of bird flying by the Sun on June 21, 2022. June Solstice. 360onhistory.com

Podcast Episode 86 l Drastic Changes in Bird Evolution

Recent advancements in genomic sequencing and analysis have started to unravel the intricate story of avian evolution. Two studies, published on April 1 in the journals Proceedings of the National Aca...

Franklin at work, 1955. She is bent over and looking through a microscope in this black and white image.

Podcast Episode 82 l Rosalind Franklin

Podcast Episode 82 is on Rosalind Franklin a British chemist and X-ray crystallographer, whose work was central to understanding the structure of DNA.

Black and white photo of Rosalind Franklin. She is wearing a pearl necklage and looking sideways at the camera with a slight smile. Her chin is on the fingers of her hand.

Fantastic Women Series l Rosalind Franklin l DNA Pioneer

This Fantastic Women Series blogpost is on Rosalind Franklin, DNA Pioneer, who, with Raymond Gosling took the famous double helix Photo 51.

A close up of a double helix strand of DNA in gold

Evolution may not be as random as we thought

Evolution may not be as random as we thought according to a new study that analysed the pangenome of a single bacterium.

Different varieties and colours of maize / corn on the con line up. Photo by Sunira Moses on Unsplash

Indigenous Mexicans migrated to California 5,200 years ago bringing languages with them, according to DNA

Indigenous Mexicans migrated to California 5,200 years ago, likely bringing their languages with them, according to ancient DNA.

A Native American totem pole probably from the Pacific North West under a blue sky during the morning time. The Sun seems to be setting in the background. Photo by Ryan Stone on Unsplash

Some ancestors of Native Americans came from China

A new study sheds new light on the prehistoric migration to the Americas suggesting that some of the first arrivals to the north and south America came from China during two distinct migrations. The f...

DNA Double Helix Photo by Braňo on Unsplash

Podcast Episode 64 l New strides in DNA knowledge

This Podcast Episode discusses New strides in DNA knowledge regarding a new genetics library and that the lineage of Native Americans was Chinese.

This historic image is Photo 51, which revealed that DNA indeed has a double helix shape!
Reconstruction of a hunter-gatherer associated with the Gravettian culture. A male human wearing fur clothes and shell necklace as well as a shell skull covering By Tom Bjoerklund

Ancient Hunter Gatherers in Europe did not die out during the last ice-age

We thought the first hunter-gatherers in Europe went missing during the last ice age. Now, ancient DNA analysis says otherwise

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