Contract for the sale of a field and a house in the wedge-shaped cuneiform adapted for clay tablets, Shuruppak, circa 2600 BC.

Translating 5,000 Year Old Cuneiform Text using AI

The collaborative efforts of archaeologists and computer scientists have yielded an AI program capable of swiftly translating ancient cuneiform tablets. This breakthrough is expected to enhance the ac...


Podcast Episode 56 l Is a sustainable blockchain possible?

New Podcast Episode 56 on Is a sustainable blockchain possible? We talk about what is the blockchain and whether it is energy intensive.

Computers, laptops and ipads

Your website is adding to climate change

It is estimated that 1.7 billion websites exist. With more being added each day, it lead to a lot of emissions.


Stop sending thank you emails

Your thank you emails are adding to climate change by 16,433 tonnes of carbon a year becasuse the digital environment also has environmental & climate costs