Richat Structure: A topographic reconstruction scaled 6 to1 on the vertical axis from satellite photos. False colouring as follows: Brown bedrock, Yellow or white sand, Green vegetation, Blue salty sediments

Podcast Episode 85 l The Eye of the Sahara

Podcast Episode 85 is on The Eye of the Sahara, a geological structure found in the Saharan part of Mauritania in Africa.

Image of the Richat Structure, Eye of the Sahara, from the International Space Station, 17 December 2011

Meet the Eye of the Sahara

A structure known as the Eye of the Sahara is an ancient circular geological formation in the Sahara Desert. This intriguing phenomenon is known as the Richat Structure or Guel er Richat in Arabic and...

Atacama Desert Chile. Posted by

Atacama Desert Plants Can Help us Grow Crops Resilient to Climate Change

Plants from Atacama Desert Can Help Grow Crops Resilient to Climate Change. A new study reveals genetic advantages that can be used to breed crops.

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