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Fifteen Emerging Issues will impact UK Forests in next 50 years

Experts have identified Fifteen Emerging Issues that will impact UK Forests. They include threats as well as opportunities.

A line graph of sea level rise for the past 30 years by NASA Earth

An animated line graph of sea level change seen from space

An animated line graph of sea level change seen from space. Seas are not only rising, the pace of the rise is quickening as well.

We have only till 2020 to keep warming below 1.5 Celsius

Blog on climate change, climate emergency and how we need to keep global warming below 1.5 Celsius. Climate action is needed from all governments.

climate change

Increasing methane emissions are undermining the achievement of the Paris Agreement goals

Even as we strive to contain global temperatures at 1.5 decrees Celsius, an increase in methane emissions is undermining this objective.

Picture of one installation from Isaac Cordal’s series of tiny sculptures entitled Waiting for Climate Change

We fixed the ozone layer — can we fix the climate? UNFCCC COP 24

In the 1980s the world collaborated to control ozone layer depletion and was successful at it. Is it possible to do that for climate change?

climate change

Is climate change leading us to category 6?

Category 5 on the hurricane scale begins at 157 mph. As a result, some researchers have suggested the possibility of a category 6.

drought in pakistan

Where did the water go? — Pakistan’s Water Crisis

Pakistan is a water stressed country, with increasing incidences of drought and water scarcity. Climate change is going to exacerbate the situation.

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