An orangutan and a neanderthal face

Podcast Episode 90 l Our two cousins: A neanderthal and an orangutan

We are discussing two different amazing news items in today's podcast. We have the reconstruction of the face of a 75,000-year-old female Neanderthal and then we learn about an orangutan who healed it...

A close up of a double helix strand of DNA in gold

Evolution may not be as random as we thought

Evolution may not be as random as we thought according to a new study that analysed the pangenome of a single bacterium.

Forest, trees, autumn, leaves on the ground,

Fifteen Emerging Issues will impact UK Forests in next 50 years

Experts have identified Fifteen Emerging Issues that will impact UK Forests. They include threats as well as opportunities.

Pacific Lampray showing the part of its body that sucks blood from marine mammals

Pacific Lamprey: The Ancient Bloodsucker

Pacific Lamprey is a bloodsucking creature that has been around since before the dinosaurs. It is an eel-like marine creature that feeds by sucking blood.

A four by four vehicle with people in it and looking out of the sun roof. The vehicle is moving across the savannah with 5 impala in its path.

Human beings are now the biggest predator in the African Savannah

Human beings are now the biggest predator in the African Savannah according to a new study. Animals are more afraid of humans than they are of lions.

Close up of a crocodile in water with focus on its head and eye. Photo by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash

Discovery of crocodile “virgin birth” is fascinating but is it good for conservation?

Nature is Fascinating: The Discovery of a crocodile giving "virgin birth" has fascinated scientists and shows that nature finds ways to survive and thrive. But is it also good for conservation?

darwin's tree of life evolution

Endless forms, most beautiful — Darwin and On the Origin of Species

Charles Darwin's trip aboard the HMS Beagle helped him to understand the diversity of life on Earth & led to his theory of evolution via natural selection.

Two adult male Bolivian river dolphins playing with a Beni anaconda in a Bolivian river.

Dolphins playing…with an anaconda in Bolivia

In nature, many animals play with each other, it is a widely common phenomenon. But sometimes it still surprises us, such as when researchers studying dolphins in a Bolivian river (in the Beni floodpl...

Common Blue Butterfly by 360 on History Podcast

VLOG Episode 11 | Butterflies!

Today, let’s enjoy those most beautiful, the most familiar of all insects: the butterflies. We can learn something about them but if nothing else, we can enjoy looking at some awesome specimens.

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