September 3, 1783 – Treaty of Paris Signed and American Revolution Ends

American Revolution, Declaration of Independence, John Turnbull
Signing of the Declaration of Independence by John Turnbull

On this day (September 3) 1783 the American Revolution officially came to an end with the signing of the Treaty of Paris by the representatives of United States, France, Spain and Britain. The treaty declared America as a free nation and Britain recognized the independence of its 13 former colonies.

What began as a protest on December 16, 1773, against the Tea Act, (which lowered taxes to be paid by the East India Company and imposed additional tea taxes on the colonies) in the form of the Boston Tea Party, turned into armed revolution for independence in April 1775, starting from Lexington, Massachusetts.

Five years later, in October 1781, British General Charles Lord Cornwallis surrendered to American forces in Virginia. From then on, till September 1783, all parties engaged in negotiations regarding territorial and mercantile rights (such as fishing rights etc.)

The Treaty of Paris was ratified by the Continental Congress on January 14, 1784.

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