Virtual Activities You can do from Home

Virtual Tours from Home by

Virtual Activities You can do from Home

You can virtually access tons of tours, museums, art galleries and libraries from home. Here is a list, which I will be updating on a regular basis.

You can use Google’s Arts and Culture to take virtual tours of museums around the world by using Google’s Arts and Culture. It offers access to 3,468 museums from around the world with history and background for many pieces of art.

You can go on virtual tours of more than 60 galleries at the British Museum via Google Street View and through their own website. This blog gives details on other online resources from the British Museum. 

Google Art Project also gives you tours of Street Art.

Take virtual tours to see thousands of paintings at the National Art Gallery, the Vatican Museum (including the glorious Sistine Chapel).

The National Parks Service has also partnered with Google to follow park rangers through some of Americ’s most stunning and challenging terrains, from the Alaskan Glaciers to Utah’s Bryce Canyon.

NASA At Home has given access to virtual tours, e-books, podcasts and videos.

NASA Solar System gives you a virtual tour of our moon, the planets and their moons.

The European Space Agency has a tool called ESA Sky, which lets you explore the space through the eyes of different space-related telescopes and satellites such as Hubble and Akari.

ESA’s Star Mapper lets you look at the position of stars and distance between them.

Uphere will tell you the exact position of active satellites and even if you can see them overhead. You can search and track over 3,200 satellites, and the site keeps on adding the new ones as they launch.

You can also virtually explore the Smithsonian from your living room, including the butterfly pavilion and Hall of Fossils  among thousands of others

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA will take you on virtual adventures through an immersive 360 view of US national marine sanctuaries.

Use your isolation time to learn: from free online books, courses, movies and more at Open Culture. 

OneZoom is an interactive map of the evolutionary relationships between 2,235,362 species of life on our planet.

If you really need some outside adventures there are virtual walking tours of Tokyo, Vancouver, New York, Paris, Florence, Cairo, Seoul and Dubai.

You can also take a tour of Machu Picchu, Sidney Opera House, Old Quebec City, and Angkor Wat.

And you can of course check out for podcasts, vlogs and blogs and subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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