Video | First Ever Close-up Images of the Sun

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First Ever Close-up Images of the Sun

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The Solar Orbiter, a new Sun observing mission by the European Space Agency and NASA has taken the first ever close up images of the Sun, revealing omnipresent miniature solar flares, dubbed ‘campfires’, near the surface of our home star. No other spacecraft has been able to take images of the Sun from such a close distance.

The Solar Orbiter was launched on 10 February 2020 and carries six remote-sensing instruments, or telescopes, that image the Sun and its surroundings, and four in-situ instruments that monitor the environment around the spacecraft. Data collected by these instruments will help scientists to understand solar wind and other solar phenomenon.

On August 2020, the Solar Orbiter took a family photo of Venus, Earth and Mars.

In January 2020, The Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope produced the highest resolution image of the Sun’s surface ever taken.

Video Source and Copyright: European Space Agency

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