Podcast Episode 41 l The Eating Green Fad: Is your almond and soy latte all you think it is?

Collage of a bottle of almond milk with almonds around it and a bowl of soy milk with soy beans spread around. Image for the Green Eating Fat, posted by 360onhistory.com
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Now that it has become painfully clear that we are in the anthropocene era, having changed the face of this planet both in terms of the environment and climate, many of us are trying to make changes to the way we live and consume, by eating green. While many of the changes we make to our lifestyles will be beneficial, it is worth it to look at some others that may not be. After all, it is always good to get the complete data and make informed choices, instead of unquestioningly accepting the latest eco-trend because it makes us feel good.

The eating green/ vegan food fad is what we are talking about here, specifically non-dairy milk products.

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