Podcast Episode 47 l Stop sending thank you emails

Stop sending thank you emails podcast episode
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Your thank you emails are adding to climate change by 16,433 tonnes of carbon a year!

Twenty years ago, when I started working in environmental conservation and climate change most people looked at me quizzically when I told them what I did for a living. For many, protecting the environment was getting rid of garbage, and climate change was not even on the radar.

Today, the situation is entirely different. Climate change has found new activists, some so much younger than I was when I started on this journey. Two years of lockdowns have brought nature closer to us or have brought us closer to nature. Either way, quite a large proportion of the populace has finally taken an interest in the natural environment and the fact that we face unprecedented changes in our climate – all of which will resonate in our living spaces, through the food we eat, and on things we buy for years to come.

The pandemic confined us all to our homes, making us more dependent on digital systems as we tried to maintain some semblance of continuity in our lives.

Some are happy that our overuse of energy resources went down as we travelled less. But in the last decade or so, our inherent consumerism has been coupled with our need for attention. While the first has been catered to by online shopping during the pandemic, the second has also taken off through social media apps. Everyone now wants their fame, which is now expected to be longer than fifteen minutes.

But the digital environment also has environmental and climate costs, and this cost went up drastically during the pandemic. And your unnecessary thank you emails are adding to climate change by 16,433 tonnes of carbon a year!

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I am a Chartered Environmentalist from the Royal Society for the Environment, UK and co-owner of DoLocal Digital Marketing Agency Ltd, with a Master of Environmental Management from Yale University, an MBA in Finance, and a Bachelor of Science in Physics and Mathematics. I am passionate about science, history and environment and love to create content on these topics.

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