Podcast Episode 44 – Earth’s Evil Twin Has New Images

Image of Venus by WISPR instrument on board the Parker Solar Probe during its fly by
Image of Venus by WISPR instrument on board the Parker Solar Probe during its fly by
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New podcast episode on the planet named after the Goddess of Love: Venus. Venus is known as Earth’s Evil Twin and it has New Images taken by NASA’s Parker Solar Probe as it flew by the planet. Though it is inhospitable for life as we know it, Phosphine, possible indicator of microbial life, has been found high in its clouds.

According to NASA, “in two recent flybys of the planet, Parker used its Wide-Field Imager, or WISPR, to image the entire nightside in wavelengths of the visible spectrum – the type of light that the human eye can see – and extending into the near-infrared”. The images were captured during its February 2021 flyby and NASA just made the announcement on Feb 9. 2022.

The images, combined into a video, reveal a faint glow from the surface that shows distinctive features like continental regions, plains, and plateaus. A luminescent halo of oxygen in the atmosphere can also be seen surrounding the planet.”

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