Podcast Episode 73 l The Fall of the Berlin Wall

berlin wall, iron curtain, cold war
Berlin wall by Emile Guillemot on Unsplash
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The Berlin Wall Fell On November 9, 1989. As the cold war started to fizzle out, with revolutions and unrest all across the Eastern Bloc, the spokesman for the Communist Party of East Berlin was meant to announce a change in its relations with the west and a relaxation of the stringent border crossing laws.

Instead, Günter Schabowski, a communist party official in East Berlin, played a pivotal role in the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. During a press conference on November 9, 1989, Schabowski was tasked with announcing new regulations that would ease travel restrictions between East and West Berlin. However, due to a misunderstanding, he mistakenly announced that East Germans would be able to travel freely to West Berlin immediately. This misstatement led to a surge of East Germans crossing the Berlin Wall, ultimately leading to its collapse. Listen to the story.

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