Grey Seals at Farne Islands l Video

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Here is a video of Grey Seals that I saw at Farne Islands, England in December 2021.

According to the Wildlife Trust, UK “The grey seal is the larger of the two UK seal species, and if you catch a good look at them you’ll see how they got their scientific name Halichoerus grypus – it means hook-nosed sea pig! These mammals spend most of their time out at sea feeding on fish. They return to land to rest and can often be seen ‘hauled out’, lying on British beaches. Grey seals give birth to fluffy white pups in the autumn. These adorable pups stay on land until they have lost their white coats and trebled their body weight. The grey seal can be distinguished from the common seal by its larger size and longer head with a sloping ‘roman nose’ profile. Looking straight on, their nostrils are parallel, rather than v-shaped as in common seals. Mainly grey in colour, the unique pattern of darker blotches and spots can be used to identify individuals.” Length: up to 2.6m Weight: Males up to 300kg, females up to 200kg. Average Lifespan: 30-40 years. They are found all over the UK and are protected in Britain and Northern Ireland.

They were so cool and there were pups too!


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