Richard III died at the Battle of Bosworth on this day August 22, 1485

Richard III
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King Richard III, King of England and Lord of Ireland, died #OTD (August 22) 1485, at the Battle of Bosworth against Henry Tudor (who became Henry VII).

Richard took over as Lord Protector at the death of his brother Edward IV in 1483, for Edward’s 12 year old son Edward V. However, the king could be crowned, the marriage of his parents was declared bigamous and therefore invalid. Now officially illegitimate, their children were barred from inheriting the throne. Instead Richard was proclaimed as the rightful king. He was crowned on 6 July 1483. The young princes, Edward and his younger brother Richard, Duke of York, were not seen in public after August and accusations circulated that they had been murdered on Richard’s orders.

Richard’s final resting place remained a mystery till 2012, when when his remains were found underneath a car park in Leicester, UK.

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