Shattering Myths

Blog posts about conspiracy theories and hoaxes regarding discoveries in science, history and climate change, such as was the moon landing a hoax?

Are Anti-Vaxxers right? | Shattering Myths Blog

In this week’s Shattering Myths Blog, we are talking about vaccinations and the anti-vaxxer movement. Let’s start with a little bit of history. Diseases have plagued humanity (pun intended), since we ...

Apollo 11 taken on the moon by Neil Armstrong

Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory Part 2 – Did it really happen?| Shattering Myths Blog

In the second instalment of the moon landing myths, we talk about the conspiracy theory that the moon landings were faked by NASA, with Stanley Kubrick directing the whole thing here on Earth. For any...

muslim neil armstrong

Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories Part 1- Did Neil Armstrong Hear the Azan on the Moon?| Shattering Myths Blog

For our first blog on shattering myths regarding science and history facts we have decided to go with the all-time favourite: the moon landing. There are two conspiracy theories associated with this. ...