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Scientists used AI to recreate clip of Pink Floyd song from recordings of brain activity

Scientists used AI to recreate clip of Pink Floyd song from recordings of brain activity. The song is Another Brick in the Wall.

Mummified remains of Iceman Otzi reclined on a white table.

Ötzi the Iceman looks very different from what we thought

Ötzi the Iceman looks very different from what we thought. The over 5,000 year old mummy was darker and had Anatolean ancestory.

Earth's gravity as seen by ESA's GOCE mission. The blue shades represent low values and the reds/yellows represent high values.

There is a “Gravity Hole” in the Indian Ocean

Somewhere in the Indian Ocean, between south of Sri Lanka and the Maldives, can be found a region with the lowest gravity on Earth. Now researchers think they may have found the reason why this region...

The HeLa line of immortal human epithelial cancer cells was derived from cells taken from Henrietta Lacks when she was a cancer patient in 1951. (Wellcome Collection: Anne Weston, Francis Crick Institute), CC BY-NC

Settlement with Henrietta Lack’s family over her cells highlights inequalities in genetic research

Aug. 1, 2023 would have been Henrietta Lacks’s 103rd birthday. It was also the day the Lacks family reached a settlement with Thermo Fisher Scientific, the biotech company that used and profited from ...

Computer Designed Organisms

Scientists created robots using living cells…then they started reproducing

Meet the Xenobots: entirely new lifeforms that were created in the lab in 2020. Using stem-cells from frogs, scientists created the world’s first living, self-healing robots. They are less than a mill...

Red dual opposing jets coming from young stars fill the darker top half of the image. At bottom center is a glowing pale yellow, cave-like structure, its top tilted toward two o’clock, with a bright star at its center. The dust of the cave structure becomes wispy toward eight o’clock. Above the arched top of the dust cave, 3 groupings of stars with diffraction spikes are arranged. A dark cloud sits at the top of the arch of the glowing dust cave, with one streamer curling down the right-hand side. The dark shadow of the cloud appears pinched in the center, with light emerging in a triangle shape above and below the pinch, revealing the presence of a star inside the cloud. The largest jets of red material emanate from within this dark cloud, thick and displaying structure like the rough face of a cliff, glowing brighter at the edges. At top center, a star displays another, larger pinched dark shadow, this time vertically. To the left of this star is a more wispy, indistinct region.

James Webb Telescope and the images it has taken l Video

Here is the James Webb Telescope orbiting the Sun about 1 million miles from Earth and some of the iconic images it has taken in this Video.

Full Sun observation taken on October 12, 2022 by EUI’s Full Sun Imager (FSI) and a zoom on the center of the Sun taken by its High-Resolution Imager (HRI). The white arrow corresponds to a distance of about 10 000 km. Three smaller structures highlighted with red, blue, and green boxes, show magnetic waves that appear as a transverse motion.

What makes the Sun’s atmosphere hotter than its surface?

A joint team of scientists from the Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB) and KU Leuven have found that high-frequency magnetic waves may play a key role in heating the sun's atmosphere to millions of de...

Reconstruction of Perucetus colossus in its coastal habitat. A whale-like creature is swimming in the ocean.

New Fossil Whale Challenges Record as Heaviest Animal in History

Scientists have unveiled a new species of early whale that could potentially hold the title as the heaviest animal to have ever lived. Found in Peru, the fossils of this ancient cetacean, named Peruce...

A focus on a man within a protesting crowd holding up a sign saying infirmier non vaccine. By Jordan Bracco on Unsplash

The pandemic made vaccine hesitancy worse

The pandemic made vaccine hesitancy worse and it is one of the greatest threats to global health. We need to tackle misinformation and Conspiracy Theories

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