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In these two images, a special image processing algorithm is used to separate extended features (left) from point sources (right).

An X-ray image of half the universe

Here is the first eROSITA sky-survey data release, the largest ever catalogue of high-energy cosmic sources: An X-ray image of half the universe

Aerial views of the dry-stone basement of the outer rampart: A. Segment KH00911 facing south; B. Segment KH01130 facing north; C. Segments KH00904-KH00905 and KH00906 facing south; D. segment KH00922, © Khaybar LDAP, G. Charloux.

The ramparts of Khaybar: 4,000 year old wall found at site of Prophet Mohammad’s battle

A 4,000 year old Bronze Age wall has been found at Khaybar Oasis, the site of Prophet Mohammad's battle.

The colorful Polycarpa aurata sits in a bed of white bryozoans (Triphyllozoon inornatum).

Unveiling the Power of Friction In A Marine Organism

Researchers at ISTA's Heisenberg group have shed light on a remarkable phenomenon: how sea squirt oocytes utilize internal friction to jumpstart development after fertilization, a finding published in...

Surface air temperature anomaly for 2023 relative to the average for the 1991-2020 reference period. Data source: ERA5. Credit: C3S/ECMWF.

2023 is the hottest year on record

2023 is the hottest year on record, with global temperatures close to the 1.5°C limit with global average temperature of 14.98°C, 0.17°C higher than 2016, the last warmest year.

19 Spiral Galaxies by James Webb Space Telescope

Staggering In depth Images of 19 Galaxies by NASA’s Webb Telescope

A new set of stunning images of 19 spiral galaxies has been released by the James Webb Space Telescope, showcasing the galaxies in near- and mid-infrared light.

Reconstructed skeleton on display in the Royal Ontario Museum

Africans discovered dinosaur fossils before the term ‘palaeontology’ existed

Africans discovered dinosaur fossils long before the term ‘palaeontology’ existed according to a new analysis by researchers.

Homo neanderthalensis cranium (Tabun 1) © The Trustees of the Natural History Museum, London

New fossil dating techniques change human evolution timeline

New fossil dating techniques have been used that have changed the human evolution timeline from what we had previously thought.

Photo of a valley in the Himalayas with a river flowing through it.

Something is slowing down climate change in the Himalayas

Something is slowing down climate change in the Himalayas, a good sign for the rivers fed by the glaciers in the region.

This map of Earth in 2023 shows global surface temperature anomalies, or how much warmer or cooler each region of the planet was compared to the average from 1951 to 1980. Normal temperatures are shown in white, higher-than-normal temperatures in red and orange, and lower-than-normal temperatures in blue. An animated version of this map shows global temperature anomalies changing over time, dating back to 1880.

2023 was the warmest year on record – NASA Analysis

2023 was the warmest year on record according to a NASA Analysis that also says that the past 10 consecutive years have been the warmest 10 on record.

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