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A focus on a man within a protesting crowd holding up a sign saying infirmier non vaccine. By Jordan Bracco on Unsplash

The pandemic made vaccine hesitancy worse

The pandemic made vaccine hesitancy worse and it is one of the greatest threats to global health. We need to tackle misinformation and Conspiracy Theories

Giant Oarfish

Video l Meet the very rare Giant Oarfish that only appears around an earthquake

Meet the very rare Giant Oarfish (Regalecus glesne), found throughout the deep waters of the tropics and subtropics. This one was found by scuba divers off the coast of Taiwan (Video Credit: @chengruw...

The bright white object at lower left is the asteroid Dimorphos. It has a blue dust tail extending diagonally to the upper right. A cluster of blue dots surrounds the asteroid. These are boulders that were knocked off the asteroid when, on 26 September 2022, NASA deliberately slammed the half-tonne DART impactor spacecraft into the asteroid as a test of what it would take to deflect some future asteroid from hitting Earth. Hubble photographed the slow-moving boulders in December 2022.] Credit: NASA, ESA, D. Jewitt (UCLA)

Hubble spots boulder debris ejected by asteroid impact mission

Astronomers have discovered a swarm of boulders ejected from asteroid Dimorphos after it was impacted by the DART spacecraft. The 37 boulders, which range in size from 1 meter to 6.7 meters across, we...

Sopdet and Sahu (Sirius and Orion) shown in the left and right-hand boats, respectively, from the East Osiris Chapel on the roof of the temple in Dendera. (Sarah Symons)

The origin of the hour is because of the Egyptians

Ancient Egyptians measured the first hour, and changed how we related to time.

A person holding up a handwritten poster with lots of writing on it in different colours. The main text says Poster of Truth. By Tom Carnegie on Unsplash

Conspiracy theories aren’t on the rise – we need to stop panicking

Conspiracy theories aren’t on the rise – we need to stop panicking Several polls in the past couple of years (including from Ipsos, YouGov and most recently Savanta on behalf of Kings College Policy I...

An active star-forming region. Red dual opposing jets coming from young stars fill the darker top half of the image, while a glowing pale-yellow, cave-like structure is bottom center, tilted toward two o’clock, with a bright star at its center. The dust of the cave structure becomes wispy toward eight o’clock, trailing off and allowing stars and distant galaxies to show through. Above the arched top of the dust cave three groupings of stars with diffraction spikes are arranged. Smaller stars are scattered around the image. A dark cloud sits at the top of the arch of the glowing dust cave, with one streamer curling down the right-hand side. The dark shadow of the cloud appears pinched in the center, with light emerging in a triangle shape above and below the pinch, revealing the presence of a star inside the dark cloud. The image’s largest jets of red material emanate from within this dark cloud, thick and displaying structure like the rough face of a cliff, glowing brighter at the edges. At the top center of the image, a star displays another, larger pinched dark shadow, this time vertically. To the left of this star is a more wispy, indistinct region, like this star is also beginning to clear out space around itself like the one at the center of the dusty cave below.

James Webb Telescope celebrates its first year with stunning image

James Webb Telescope celebrates its first year with stunning image that has been released by NASA. It shows a star-forming region in Rho Ophiuchi cloud complex

Contract for the sale of a field and a house in the wedge-shaped cuneiform adapted for clay tablets, Shuruppak, circa 2600 BC.

Translating 5,000 Year Old Cuneiform Text using AI

The collaborative efforts of archaeologists and computer scientists have yielded an AI program capable of swiftly translating ancient cuneiform tablets. This breakthrough is expected to enhance the ac...

Front facing image of woman with a marker in her right hand as if she is about to write on a board. Her face and hand have circuitry going across them.

Are rich people more intelligent?

Are rich people rich because they are smarter or does luck and socio-economic status have anything to do with it?

Forest, trees, autumn, leaves on the ground,

How soil ecoaccoustics can help monitor and restore forest health

How listening to the sounds of soil helps us monitor and restore forest health. Ecoaccoustics can provide an effective way of monitoring biodiversity in soil and in the forest it supports.

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