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A stela that challenges longstanding interpretations of how the carvings represent gender and social roles in prehistoric times. Credit: Durham University

In ancient times, women were warriors too

In ancient times, women were warriors too, our History was not always exactly what we thought and gender roles were probably different.

Euclid’s view of the Horsehead Nebula

Euclid’s first images: the dazzling edge of darkness

Euclid's first images from the dazzling edge of darkness have been revealed. These five images illustrate Euclid's full potential.

Forest, trees, autumn, leaves on the ground,

Fifteen Emerging Issues will impact UK Forests in next 50 years

Experts have identified Fifteen Emerging Issues that will impact UK Forests. They include threats as well as opportunities.

Gunung Padang

Gunung Padang: The World’s Oldest Pyramid?

What if there is a pyramid even older than the pyramids of Giza? A new study claims that Gunung Padang, a pyramid in Indonesia, is between 25,000 to 14,000 years old, roughly 10,000 years older than t...

This image shows the “moonrise” of the satellite as it emerges from behind asteroid Dinkinesh as seen by the Lucy Long-Range Reconnaissance Imager (L’LORRI), one of the most detailed images returned by NASA’s Lucy spacecraft during its flyby of the asteroid binary. This image was taken at 12:55 p.m. EDT (1655 UTC) Nov. 1, 2023, within a minute of closest approach, from a range of approximately 270 miles (430 km). From this perspective, the satellite is behind the primary asteroid. The image has been sharpened and processed to enhance contrast.

Nasa’s Lucy spacecraft discovers asteroid and its tiny moon during flyby

On Nov. 1, NASA’s Lucy spacecraft flew by not just its first asteroid, but its first two. The first images returned by Lucy reveal that the small main belt asteroid Dinkinesh is actually a binary pair...

Image shows artists impression of Mars core. Analysis of Martian seismic data recorded by the InSight mission have revealed that Mars’s liquid iron core is surrounded by a150-​km thick molten silicate layer, as a consequence of which its core is smaller and denser than previously proposed. (Artwork: Thibaut Roger, NCCR Planet S / ETH Zürich)

Mars’ liquid iron core is smaller and denser than previously thought, study

Mars’ liquid iron core is smaller and denser than previously thought, according to a new study analysing InSight lander's data.

Dissected ant and where you can see the encapsulated parasites (white oval structures) spilling out of the hind body. Photo: Brian Lund Fredensborg CREDIT Photo: Brian Lund Fredensborg

This parasite that turns ants into zombies

This liver fluke turns ants into zombies and does so primarily during fall and they use air temperature to control the ants.

The tomb complex of Queen Meret-Neith in Abydos during excavation. The Queen's burial chamber lies in the centre of the complex and is surrounded by the secondary tombs of the courtiers and servants. (Image credit: E.C. Kӧhler)

The Tomb of A Powerful Egyptian Queen from 3000 BC

The Tomb of A Powerful Queen from 3000 BC shows that the ancient Egyptian queen Meret-Neith was an influential figure with high levels of authority.

Windmills on a grassy field during sunset. There are clouds above.

The Global Shift to Renewable Energy is Unstoppable says IEA Report

The Global Shift to Renewable Energy is Unstoppable says IEA Report, and also points out that the reduction in fossil fuel usage lags behind.

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