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Satellite views of Earth on the solstices and equinoxes. From left to right, a June solstice, a September equinox, a December solstice, a March equinox, via NASA Earth Observatory.

What is the Reason for the Season? Equinox, Solstice & Everything Else

What is an equinox and what is a solstice? What is the reason for the four seasons we get during the year? And what is the difference between astronomical and meteorological seasons?

Image of ancient Earth with lightening and rain

The Carnian Pluvial Event

The Carnian Pluvial Event - A 2-Million-Year Period of Rain that Shaped Earth's History and may have facilitated the rise of the dinosaurs.

Costa Rican Stone Spheres by Diego Padilla Duran and Mariordo in a field. There are about 9 spheres one of them in close up while 8 can be seen further up.

The Ancient Stone Spheres Costa Rica

The Ancient Stone Spheres Costa Rica are part of the landscape of the country. Their origins are shrouded in mystery but they are considered the country's symbol.

Black and white photo of Rosalind Franklin. She is wearing a pearl necklage and looking sideways at the camera with a slight smile. Her chin is on the fingers of her hand.

Fantastic Women Series l Rosalind Franklin l DNA Pioneer

This Fantastic Women Series blogpost is on Rosalind Franklin, DNA Pioneer, who, with Raymond Gosling took the famous double helix Photo 51.

Three golden bitcoins on a white and orange background.

Cryptocurrency and Climate Change

A pressing issue is that of the toll Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, has on the Environment.and Climate Change

First Page of Darwin's Origin of Species showing title of the book. By Fernando Venzano on Unsplash

The Idea that Changed the World: Darwin and Evolution by Natural Selection l Blogpost

November 24th is World Evolution Day. It is celebrated because a paper was published that changed scientific thinking completely. On November 24, 1859, Charles Darwin published his work: On the Origin...

Relief of the goddess Kubaba, holding a pomegranate in her right hand; orthostat relief from Herald’s wall, Carchemish; 850-750 BC; Late Hittite style under Aramaean influence. Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, Ankara, Turkey. Photo: Commons

Queen Kubaba, Ruler of Ancient Mesopotamia l Fantastic Women Series

Queen Kubaba was was a legendary Mesopotamian queen according to the Sumerian King List, who ruled over the Kingdom of Kish. Legend has it that her rule lasted over 100 years.

Photograph of Neptune in true colour by Voyager 2 in 1989.

Neptune – The Real Blue Planet

Neptune is The Real Blue Planet, the Ice Giant of our Solar System residing far away from the Sun near the Kuiper Belt. The only one we cant see with the naked eye.

Front view of Hofburg Palace with a horse buggy passing in front of it.

The Hapsburgs and Vienna – A Photoblog

The Hapsburgs and Vienna - A Photoblog of the Hapsburgs, who were Austrian Emperors of the Hapsburg Empire that also included Spain, Mexico and Philippines.

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